It’s quiet in the house this morning. The two biggles aren’t here much during the week, especially when their dad is out of town. The middles met the bus at 6:45 this morning, under the orange glow of a street light. The baby has been up since 4am, but decided that he needed a nap after ‘the fun ones’ left for school. That leaves me and the dog, who hasn’t found anything real or imaginary to bark at for the last few minutes. I love this time of day. It’s scheduled “writing time” — pretty much the only true “me time” I get during the day.

Don’t get me wrong. I love spending time with my kids. I love being out and meeting new people. I love checking off to-do items on my list. I am absolutely LOVING being a stay-at-home mom. But I cherish these fleeting moments of quiet when I can sit with a cup of tea and pour out my soul for awhile. The baby takes a fairly long morning nap, and while I could probably transition him to a later wakey-uppy time in the mornings, I like knowing that I can have my quiet time with God and my Bible, a cup of hot tea, and some writing time first thing in the morning. I find comfort and peace in this new schedule, and it has really helped me to start my day with this kind of quiet reflection.

I know that there are floors to be swept and counters to be wiped. I know that I need to do some research on homeschool curriculum and that there are some bills waiting to be paid. But those can wait. That has been my biggest step forward in the past few weeks: learning to give myself time without guilt.

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