At Just the Right Moment… {Thankful Tuesday}

The baby is sleeping. The laundry is spinning. The beds are made… and all is right with the world. Thank you, Lord, for these small, quiet moments!

God is blessing us in so many ways this week, big and small.

I am thankful for a small boy who is continually joyful. Yes, he has his fussy moments, but if you met him in person, you’d never believe that he spent the first four months of his life screaming in pain with colic. 24 hours a day. Non. Stop. But now, he has a grin for everyone, and it’s such a blessing to see how his joy touches people all over town, all day long. Wherever we go, he leaves a path of smiles in his wake, as he passes his along.

I am thankful that God is letting me see Him at work in the lives and hearts of my children. I do a devotional with the middles every night, and it always seems that whatever topic has been troubling them that day is the one that we talk about that evening — and this is not “mommy magic,” because we use a dated daily devotional book. They have been able to really experience God’s voice during these devotional times, and that has opened up all sorts of doorways for discussion. I am so thankful that they are able to hear His voice so clearly right now, because they needed Him to be real during this time of transition. Even thought the biggles aren’t here as often, our oldest has also begun to pay attention to His voice, and hearing her observations and how she is beginning to tie them in to what God says is a huge answer to prayer.

And finally (for today), I am thankful that God’s hand has moved at just the right time for us financially. When we are faithful stewards, He has blessed that faithfulness and has given us exactly what we needed, at just the right time. Just last week, we received a “surprise” check in the mail — a refund for the district insurance premium from my old job — that was exactly the amount we were lacking for the budget this week. Thank you Lord for taking care of us, and for blessing us in ways beyond what we could have hoped for or imagined.

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  1. I’m hearing so many good things about the Lord’s faithfulness in this post. You are honoring the Father here. I feel blessed to be able to peek in on it.

  2. The sweetest blessings, and when we chase gratitude it changes us from the inside out!

    Thanks for linking up!

    • It’s a perspective shift that makes all the difference, doesn’t it. Thanks for managing the link up!

  3. Funny how motherhood makes us thankful for things we never thought we would be!

    Thanks for sharing your heart, and for linking up!

  4. It is so beautiful to see you recognize God’s blessings…they are always beyond what we imagine!


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