Thanksgiving 2.0

Over the river and across the (now dry) lake to Grandmother's house we go...

Another day of driving. And eating. But this time, we got to spend the day with all 5 kids.

Two Thanksgiving dinners down, one to go.


Museum Day!

Getting chased by a T-Rex adds some excitement to the trip.

We went on a family field trip to the Houston Museum of Natural Science at Sugar Land today and had tons of fun. The one thing that could have made it better? If the biggles had been able to come with us. We almost had the museum to ourselves, and the docent even let us choose which movie we wanted to watch in the Dome. Next time, we’ll probably go to the big campus downtown, but this was such a great day trip. Even the baby enjoyed himself.

We loved the Discovery Zone.

10 Day Salute to Sausage

Baby Man and I are headed to Wurstfest today. Yes, you read that title correctly. The festival tagline is, indeed, “A 10 Day Salute to Sausage.” This goes on every fall in my hometown, and while I’m not a big beer-drinking, sausage-on-a-stick snorfing polka fan, I go every year because 1) its a tradition and 2) its a great place to people watch. Much like HEB (our great Texas grocery store, which my friend Meg swears stands for Hello Every Body), when you go to Wurstfest you should plan some extra time, because you are guaranteed to run into people took German dancing with as a kid, several ex-boyfriends and their parents, and one or two of your former teachers. Unlike HEB, many of those people you run into will have had a little too much “bier” and a kind of wild attitude. Despite the heavy alcohol consumption of some of the guests, if you go in the early afternoon the mostly outdoor event has a nice, family-friendly atmosphere.

It will be the baby’s first Wurstfest (sniff, sniff… something to record in the old baby book). He plans to bring his own bottles.